Scientific Sessions

Materials Science Meeting 2024

September 07-08, 2024 | Online Conference

Materials Science and Engineering

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Materials

Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Science

Electrochemistry and X-ray Diffraction

Catalytic Materials & Green Chemistry

Graphene and 2D Materials

Advanced Energy Materials

Optoelectronics, Photonics and Magnetic materials

Physics and Chemistry of Materials

Metallurgy, Corrosion and Mining

Surface Science and Engineering

Emerging Trends in Materials Science

Ceramics & Composites

Applications in Material Science Engineering

Organic, Inorganic & Physical Chemistry

Characterization Techniques and Equipment

Catalysis and Chemical Reactions

Biological & Chemical Sciences

Chemo-informatics & Computational Chemistry

Nanocatalysis & Nano chemistry

Industrial Chemistry & Applied Chemistry

Emerging Smart Materials

Corrosion and degradation of materials

Advances in Instrumentation Technology

Polymer Science and Technology

Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability

Biomaterials and Healthcare

Fibers and Composites

Ceramics and Magnetic Materials

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F.A.Q's for Presenters

When will the conference take place?

Materials Science Meeting 2024 will be held during April 27-28, 2024, Online.

Where will the conference be held?

Virtually from home or work

How to submit an Abstract?

Send us your abstracts as per the sample template in Abstract Submission page or you can directly email to conference Program Manager.

Where do I go to register for the Global Materials Science Meeting 2024 conference?

You can register for the conference via our online registration form

Can I still participate without Submitting the Abstract?

Yes, you can participate as a Delegate for the conference without submitting any paper.

What language should I speak during presentation?

The working language of the conference is English.

Do you have any template for paper submission?

Yes, we have a template for abstract submission. Please go to abstract submission page.

May I submit more than one proposal?

Yes. You may submit more than one proposal and participate in more than one session either in oral or poster sessions. However, you may not present more than two papers during the conference.

For any queries please contact us: